Dear Wien2k mailing list,

I'm having some troubles passing environmental variables (eg.
OMP_NUM_THREADS or similar) to lapw1 and lapw2. This works in serial
mode where the lapw* programs are called directly, however in parallel
mode they are run through remote shell and all environmental info is
I can declare them in my .bashrc and then it works (since the .bashrc
is reloaded when remote shell is spawned) however i would  like to
specify them per task.
One solution I had in mind was to go through AcceptEnv in sshd however
this is considered insecure according to cluster admins an is disabled.
Another option is to modify the wien scripts to include the required
variables when calling the remote shell, however at the moment I'm
wondering if there is more universal and elegant solution? 
Any ideas?

Best regards
Pavel Ondra─Źka
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