Dear Wien2k users,

This is to announce version 0.3.0 of `´
(, a tool to create color-coded
band structure plots from Wien2k output built on top of Maurits
Haverkort's SpaghettiPrimavera.f90.

New features include:

 * options to combine spins in one plot:
  `--mix-spins´  (add characters to draw a single set of lines) and
  `--join-spins´ (separate lines for each spin in one plot)

 * support for specifying options in a file (`--config-file´)

 * make atoms and orbitals case insensitive

 * support for named colors and HTML-style hex notation

For some example plots see

With this release, `´ has moved to GitHub.  You can clone the
repository or contribute at (

Direct link to download v0.3.0:

Happy plotting!

Elias Assmann
Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics
TU Graz                   <>

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