0      1    0.2                    # jatom, jtype, size  of heavier plotting

Did you change the first character? '0' to the corresponding atom?

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Hi dear all
I want to calculate the electronic properties of
Np0.03Sc0.97PdBi compound  by GGA+SO, so I made a supercell 2x2x2 and 
substitute one of Sc atom by Np, for band structur calculation dont have 
problem, but when I want to characterize the s, p, d and f orbitals on band 
structure, the bands thickness dont have any change and also when I want to 
increase the size of symbol plots of all bands (band thickness), the bands 
thickness dont have any change and remain 0.2 (defult), please help me about 
this problem
thanke you very much
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