The file needs to be in the PATH. There is more than one way to put it in the PATH. For example, you could export it to the PATH in .bashrc or copy the file to a location that is already in the PATH like your $WIENROOT directory.

If the file has been made executable (chmod +x, then you should be able to run it while in the case directory of your calculation with the terminal command: case

I do have a patch on my github page ( ) that you can try if you have a parallel spin polarized or parallel spin orbit calculation, which will extend the command to: case -up/-dn

or case -dn

On 11/25/2015 6:11 AM, emami seyyed amir abbas wrote:
Dear users

I am trying to construct the as an input file for BlotZtraP. My normal calculations were performed in parallel. Now I want to use to generate Now, how can i run this program. What is the command for doing this?

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