Dear Wien2k users,

I have done parallel SCF calculations in a cluster (the case.vector_* files
are created in a separate scratch folder) and later I was copied the entire
folder into a local computer due to memory issues at cluster. After some
days, I was copied the entire folder into cluster (the same case.vector_*
files are also copied into scratch folder into the cluster ). Although, the
x lapw2 -up/-dn -qtl -c -p runs smoothly without error (writing shell
script for generating .machines file), the case.qtlup/dn files does not
contain any data (0 bytes). Kindly, let me know the possible error in the
present DOS calculation.

I also tired to run the "x lapw2 -up/-dn -qtl -c -p " by keeping all the
case.vector_* files into same parent folder. This gives also give error
without running x lapw2. But, this error is connected to location of
case.vector_* files which is not seen the earlier run.

Kindly, let me know why the case.qtlup/dn files do not contain any data.

thanks for your help

With regards,

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