Dear Kadda,

        A friend published a paper related to this issue;

Evaluation of hardness in Kohn-Sham theory with local 
Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 53A, Aug-Sept 2014, pp. 949-957 Evaluation of 
hardness in Kohn-Sham theory with local density and generalized gradient 

Although he only works with LDA and GGA, but it seems that gives an idea about 
the issue that you are interested.

        He also works with deMon2k and not with WIEN2, but do not worry, deMon 
and Demon different, ha, ha.



so much the better it is very cold here !!!
(correct me if I am wrong)
****I cannot correct you since I do not know where you are!

relaxation of atomic positions is possible only for functionals for which the 
forces are calculated correctly (GGA, GGA+U, onsite hybrids). This is not the 
case with spin-orbit coupling or the full hybrid functionals.
****About this I think you are right. As I said, for forces the type of 
functional is not that important and better heat your room with a more 
efficient heater!

        Saludos from Mexico City (North of Mexico can be quite cold this time 
of the year)

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