You might have a look at $WIENROOT/SRC_lapw7/ in WIEN2k 14.2.

The text file mentions three source code files (w1gpl.f, w2gpl.f, and WtoGP.f, which are in $WIENROOT/SRC_lapw7/DOC_psink).

I have not tried it, but it is my understanding that you can compile them in the DOC_psink directory with something like:

ifort -o w1gpl w1gpl.f
ifort -o w2gpl w2gpl.f
ifort -o WtoGP WtoGP.f

The executables are then copied from the DOC_psink directory to the $WIENROOT directory:

cp w1gpl $WIENROOT/w1gpl
cp w2gpl $WIENROOT/w2gpl

The programs should then be useable in your case directory to convert case.psink to case.gpl:

w1gpl < case.psink > case.gpl


w2gpl < case.psink > case.gpl


WtoGP < case.psink > case.gpl

Finally, the data in case.gpl is plotted with gnuplot:

gnuplot case.gpl

It looks like an example is given at:

The website is in Japanese, but Google Translate [ ] can be used to get it in English or another available language.

On 1/14/2016 7:20 PM, Yundi Quan wrote:
I used lapw7 to generate case.psink which contains the wave function on a grid. Is there a program available to plot the data? I know that the wien2wannier has wplot2xsf routine which converts the case.psink and case.psiarg files into case.xsf compatible with xcrysden.
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