Dear WIEN2k users,As I can guess mini or PORT program works as: The program 
gets Energy ( and forces) of compound and positions of atoms which have 
forces.PORT program using these data provides next new positions related to 
atoms which have forces.using new generated struct file with new positions, the 
PORT program does a scf.Now, The program gets new energy of compound with new 
positions of atoms which have forces and produces next new positions.The PORT 
repeats the above steps till forces drops  below for example 1 .  

First questionAre the above steps correct?
second questionHow does PORT produces equivalent positions related to new 
positions When the program want to generate the new struct file with new 
Third questionWhen the positions of atom are as X=Y=Z, Does PORT program get 
only energy and for example X position or energy and (X,Y,Z) positions as input 
data? Because when (X=Y=Z) and PORT program get (X,Y,Z) as a input data may 
produces new positions as (Xn#Yn#Zn) which make error because (X=Y=Z).

With best,Amir 
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