Your procedure is fine, at least for semilocal potentials (LDA, GGA).

V-coul is much larger near the atomic cores, but far from the nucleii in the interstitial region Vxc and Vcoul have the same order of magnitude.

Only one word of warning: For a hybid-functional like B3PW91, there is an additional orbital dependent HF-potential, which is of course NOT plotted in your procedure (and which cannot be plotted directly in WIEN2k).

On 02/17/2016 06:55 PM, Majid Yazdani wrote:
Dear Wien2k authors and users

I’m interested to calculate total, Coulomb, and XC potential using
wien2k code. I performed the scf calculations using B3PW91 with
alpha=0.2 using following command:

I expected that the range of Coulomb potential must be very higher than
XC potential and XC term is very little. However, after potential
calculations I saw that between atoms the range of Coulomb potential is
very close to XC potential.  A small positive Coulomb potential and
small negative XC potential leads to the very small negative total

Could you help me please to know that whether are my calculations true
or not?

Is this correct that XC and Coulomb terms are in the same range?

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