Plz see my updates on optic:

> ssh: connect to host nid01855 port 204: Connection refused^M  >>> this
> error is removed now.
> [1]  + Exit 255                      ( $remote $machine[$p] "cd $PWD;$t
> $taskset0 $exe ${def}_${loop}.def;rm -f .lock_$lockfile[$p]" ) >>
> .timeop_$loop
> ***  OPTIC crashed!               * >>>> remained same
> 0.840u 1.800s 1:50.21 2.3%      0+0k 82495+1135io 4pf+0w
> error: command   /usr/common/software/wien2k-ccm/14.2/opticpara
> optic.def   failed
> ...............

 I copies case.inop file from templets folder and edited according to need.

What I observed is that: *case.vector (_n, where n is no of processors)
file is not there in case DIR.*
I looked around why it is not in case DIR while it should be generated in
SCF process and UG suggests that "x optic" need case.vector  file. And came
to conclusion that to save the lots off space in PWD it may be stored in
scratch DIR.
I did not find where the scratch DIR is present.

So it may be a cause for optic crash.

It may be a source of error.
Please see my updates on issue and help me.

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