While trying to find the best Rmt*Kmax value for Ga2O3 following the
procedure done by S. Cottenier in this document
"http://www.wien2k.at/reg_user/textbooks/DFT_and_LAPW_2nd.pdf”, my
simulation stops with the following error

  LAPW2: semicore band-ranges too large

when Rmt*Kmax is equal to 9.00 and using the command run_lapw -cc 0.000001.

Looking into the .error files, I get

  'LAPW2' - semicore band-ranges too large, ghostbands ?

The .scf1 output gives me the following values for the energies

:E0_0001: E( 0)=  -10.0138   E(BOTTOM)=  -10.065   E(TOP)=   -9.963  2

  and the .scf2 output gives me this warning

:WARN :BAN00001:   1  -13.912696  -10.003657  2.00000000

Something must be seriously wrong. I just verified this (assuming you are dealing with alpha-Ga2O3), and find

band       1   -9.9374299021   -9.9374142074      0.200000D+01

There are 4 of these bands (Ga-3s). The next set of bands is well separated from this (Ga-3p):

band       5   -6.3191843659   -6.3191504344      0.200000D+01

RMTs were 1.80 (Ga) and 1.63 (O).

Did you perhaps have 'eigenvalues below ...' errors? Did you inherit a value of Emin from a previous calculation, that was too high for Ga-3s? (I used -14 Ry, last line of case.in1, first value).

Mind also that there is probably no reason to include the Ga-3s as valence states (that requires -ecut -11). By -ecut -8 you have them as core states, and their band range will be zero by construction.

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