Sorry, but the other email response was not right.

run_lapw uses just the full density, no spin. Probably what you want to use.

runsp_c_lapw has the same density in the up/dn spins. It can be used to
include terms such as orbital corrections with a non-magnetic density (as

runsp_lapw is the most general for up different from dn.

run_lapw & runsp_c_lapw are similar, different from runsp_lapw, the later
being slower.

All version take both real (inversion) and complex (no inversion) cases.

You can get information by doing "run_X -h | more" with X the different

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On Feb 27, 2016 05:17, "Dr. Komal Bapna" <> wrote:

> Dear Wien users
> I want to get the non-magnetic ground state of a system. I am not able to
> find if there is any difference between run_lapw and runsp_c_lapw commands.
> Which command I should use.
> Regards
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