Thank you Lyudmila,
        I am using the XCrySDen-1.5.25, and maybe it is why I am having this 
It is a curious problem that does not worry me;
If I put an atom in an hexagonal cell;
a=b=4A, c=5A
Atom 1: 0,0,0
Atom 2: x,x, y
the system changes to 8 Cm and I cannot visualize it, but if I change gamma by 
a small angle then I have no problem, and if I do not change the angle I can go 
and calculate the electronic properties.
If c=6A then I do not have this problem.

On the other hand I am studying
Gd + H2O -> GdO + H2


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08.03.2016 22:19, delamora wrote:
> that there is a problem, but what I see is that it is with XCrySDen and
> not with WIEN2k.
>     Well, this structure cannot be visualized with XCrySDen
>     Structure that cannot be visualized
>     more GdO-H2-C.struct

Dear Pablo,

I have taken your struct file and it passed well through my Xcrysden
(see in attachments), so cannot see your problem.

By the way, I'd say this is not
 > Gd and H2O
but an oxide of Gd with H2 molecules.

Best wishes
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