Dear Prof. Blaha and wien2k users,

   I am recently trying to get information regarding spin_moments as a
function of k using wannier90 interface with wien2k.

There is module kpath to plot the energy bands coloured by the expectation
value of the spin along [001]:

kpath = true kpath_task = bands kpath_bands_colour = spin

When I use it and run postw90.x it shows error

" Error: Problem opening input file wannier.spn
 Error on node 0: examine the output/error files for details"

Can anyone please help me to overcome this problem. Does wien2wannier
support spin as a function of k vector information to write?

I look forward to receive your positive help in this regard.

Thanking you and with regards,

Santu Baidya
University of Duisburg-Essen
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