do you have a band gap in one spin direction (halfmetallic ferromagnet ?)
In that case i sometimes observe the same already with GGA
I guess it appears because of the mixing of the spin up and spin down 
wavefunctions when using SO, the states may not longer have a pure up/dn spin 

The 00005 ios just a matter of the integration or convergence of the charges.

The experiment will measure the total magnetic moment (spin + orbit), anyway.


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An: A Mailing list for WIEN2k users
Betreff: [Wien] Minor loss of spin in mBJ -so -eece calculation

I noticed a small loss of spin in a calculation:
mBJ -eece
:MMTOT   =   20.00005

mBJ -eece -so
:MMTOT  =   19.94719

The right answer is 20.

Is this a truncation error associated with the number of states used or an 
issue such as incomplete orthogonalization in the scalapack calls in lapwso -p ?

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