Dear All,

I'd like to calculate the decomposed DOS for a Mn3C-System (orthorombic, 
Spacegroup Pnma, #62) in the directions of the calculated EFG tensors. We want 
to compare the decomposed DOS based on orbital symmetries (qsplit -2 and isplit 
8, default input) with those in the direction of the calculated EFG tensors.


1. Should we find a significant difference to the decomposed DOS based on 
orbital symmetry?

2. Which qsplit and isplit values are suitable for this purpose?

Based on the EFG textbook from Mr. Cottenier, we are able to extract the 
matrices of the EFG tensors and therefore get the directions in the global 
coordination system.

3. Or do we have to use the symmetrize option in the case.inq file, change it 
to 1, then change the loro value to 2 and take the directions of the EFG for hz 
kz lz and hx kx lx?

Thanks in advance!


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