Yeah, the MKL (Math Kernel Library) is currently offered by Intel as a free tool to Academic Researchers but not the Fortran (ifort) and C (icc) compilers.

When you downloaded the free 30 day trial, you probably saw for example that the Composer Edition of Linux Fortran (ifort + MKL) on the Try and Buy webpage [ ] normally sales for $999 for a Named User New License at this time.

However, Academic Researchers should be able to buy it at a discounted price. It is best to contact Intel ( ) or an Intel reseller [ ] for the latest Academic Researcher pricing, but the academic pricing list at the following link should give an idea of about how much it might cost an Academic Researcher:

The academic pricing list shows after discount a price of $449 for a Named User New License of Composer Edition of Linux Fortran on March 10, 2015.

As you also probably saw on the Free Software Development Tools site (by clicking the Student link), Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition (which includes ifort, icc, and MKL) is currently offered to students for qualified uses that are under the terms of the Non-Commercial License. Similar offerings are currently given by Intel for Educators and Open Source Contributors.

On 3/28/2016 10:19 AM, delamora wrote:
Dear Gavin,

I visited the site you suggested and I found that the fortran and C compilers were not included. I could download a free trial for a month only.

Although the MKL was included


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Thank you

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Intel discontinued it for short while [ ], but it is sort of offering it again. It used to be available for any non-commercial use. However, the licensing is more restrictive now. It is now only available for certain qualified uses [ ] like for students, open source contributors, and educators. All the details of the new licensing can be found on Intel's Free Software Development Tools site:

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Hi, in reference to the intel fortran

If you visit the page

    **You will see;

    Computer requirements

....Install the Intel ifort compiler + Intels mkl-libarary (there is a free non-commercial version at

But as far as I know this is no longer valid unless you are a student

Page from 12/2014 ;

    Intel Fortran compiler for non commercial are discontinued.

Does anybody have a different information?


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