Dear Sir,

I have computed the phonon spectrum of example of NaCl and SrTiO3
successfully now when i started the new calculation. in that calculation i
construct the case.struct file and after initialization i make a supercell
(2 2 2) and create a displacement then it change change the space group.
initially my space group is Fm3m and after creating the displacement it
become C2/m. I thing some thing is happening in a unusual way so any one
can help?

The procedure which i follow.

cp init.struct BP.struct
phonopy --wien2k -c BP.struct -d --dim="2 2 2"
 at this steps the erorrs looks like...

Thanks & Regards
Rajneesh Chaurasiya
Junior Research Fellow
IIT,Jodhpur, India
Mob. No. +91-9584499697
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