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Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 18:55:55
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Subject: [Wien] Meaning of -du term

I would like to ensure that I understand what the "-du" option 
(up/dn-crossterm) is; I could not find a clear explanation in the UG or via the mailing 
My guess is that with, for instance, -orb the "-up" part is modelling the exchange term 
-<U_a(1)|<U_b(2)|1/r_12|U_b(1)>|U_a(2)> whereas the "-du" term would be
+<U_a(1)|<D_b(2)|1/r_12|D_b(1)>|U_a(2)>. This might be wrong.

N.B., assuming lapwso is used for orb etc.

N.N.B., unfortunately a google search is not that useful,e.g.

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