The script is coded to combine parallel files with numbers from 1-9 and from 10-99.

The "cat: mbj3.energy_??: No such file or directory" error is because it cannot find a parallel file with a two digit number like mbj3.energy_10.

You only have parallel files with numbers from 1-2 (i.e., mbj3.energy_1 and mbj3.energy_2). So you can just ignore the error.

If is empty before that is fine. However, it is not fine if is empty after running It should combine a non-empty mbj3.energy_1 and mbj3.energy_2 into a non-empty

On 5/20/2016 10:31 PM, Dr. K. C. Bhamu wrote:
Dear Users/Gavin

I copied <> into PWD and did chmod +x I followed

[bhamu@physics mbj3]$ <> mbj3
cat: mbj3.energy_??: No such file or directory
[bhamu@physics mbj3]$

I have the following energy files: mbj3.energy_1 mbj3.energy_2 mbj3.energydn mbj3.energydn_1 mbj3.energydn_2. Where and mbj3.energydn are empty files.
I am running for non spin polarise and non magnetic case.

Its two CPU based cluster and job was ran on head node.
What may be source of error?

Kind regards

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