Dear Wien2k users and developers,
Greetings from me.
I am workind with ElaStic_1.0 for calcualtios of second order elastic
constants and others.

1. I installed ElaStic_1.0 sucessfully

2. I am doing calculations for TiC and I followed the following procedure.

a. I made a directory TiC in ElaStic directory and put TiC.struct in TiC

b. I generated input files with the command


c. after some procedure we get

Dst01  Dst02  Dst03  INFO_ElaStic  Structures_WIEN2k and other copied
from ElaStic_1.0 files

in TiC directory

d. I cange into directory Dst01 and initilize


I repeated same for Dst02 and Dst03

e.Now I installed exciting and created a copy using

cp ~/exciting/tools/

with some modifications as :


$ gedit $ElaSticROOT/
There should be a line in the file that looks like:
Replace "$EXCITINGROOT/bin/excitingser" with the WIEN2k command that
you want to use for the calculation.
For example, change it to:
The line copying xml files is not needed for WIEN2k and can be changed
into a comment line by putting a pound sign (#) in front of it:
# cp -f $Dstn_num.xml input.xml

e. now

cd path-to/TiC

f. Now i ran


  and calculations worked properly with this command no any erroe.

But when i  ran


It is saying

bash: ./ElaStic_Save_Clean_WIEN2k: Permission denied

Plz help in removing this problem. I will be highly obliged.

lind regard
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