On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 05:49:54PM +0100, Abderrahmane Reggad wrote:
> Thanks Mr Victor for the advise, but right now I need a special workshop
> that talk about my interesting.

Mr. A,

Forgive me, but northern spaniards (like me) use to be quite informal
in our conversation. May I ask where the A. comes from?

I assume from your signature that you are working to get doctorship
or similar.

In <http://www.wien2k.at/onlineworkshop/KS-magnetism.pdf> you find a
conference on magnetism. This corresponds to the talk by K. Schwarz
<https://youtu.be/1RkTK7Frptg>. Check it carefully.

Prof. Karlheinz Schwarz, apart from the founder of the wien2k group
was a postdoc with John C. Slater himself. May I provide you a better

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