What you have changed will almost certainly not help. What are the RMTs,
the case.struct file and other parameters. Without this information it will
be very hard to help you.

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On Jun 21, 2016 00:50, "GOUTAM KUMAR GUPTA" <pg201381...@iitj.ac.in> wrote:

> Dear Wien2K users
> I am simulating one quaternary semiconductor Cu2ZnSnS4. I am currently
> facing QTLB- error problem with with Cu atom. I have changed parameter as
> per your suggestion given in the frequently asked question. So i modified
> RMT value, Lmax , E parameter and also i also redued the RMT initially in
> the force minimization upto 5%. but still i am facing the same problem
> during the scf run. I have modified the case,in1c file upto this lebel.
> WFFIL  EF= 0.50000       (WFFIL, WFPRI, ENFIL, SUPWF)
>   6.00       14    4 (R-MT*K-MAX; MAX L IN WF, V-NMT
>   3.0    4  0      (GLOBAL E-PARAMETER WITH n OTHER CHOICES, global APW
> So please tell me about what is the maximum and minimum criteria of these
> RMT value, Lmax , E parameter and also tell me about how these parameters
> will effect the ground state properties.
> Thanks
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> *Goutam Kumar Gupta*
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