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for spin-polarised systems, you need to run the calculation twice. (Using x joint -up and x joint -dn etc.) This way, you get permittivity for up and down separately and have to add them up at the end.

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On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, emami seyyed amir abbas wrote:

Dear users

I am interested in obtaining dielectric curve as a function of energy by
considering intra-band contribution for a half metal compound. I follow
these steps:
1- x joint (mode=6) --- obtaining plasma frequencies for both spin up and
down which is written in .ouputjoint (up/dn)
2- x joint (mode=4)
3- addjoint-updn
4- x kram (putting plasma frequencies from step 1)

but in step 4, we should insert just one plasma frequency while for half
metals the value of plasma frequency for spin up and dn are differnt. Now
what is the appropriated value for this input.

thank you in advance.

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