In the init_phonon_lapw script file, can you see if it fixes your problem by changing the first line from

#!/bin/csh -f


#!/bin/tcsh -f

Perhaps it behaves differently on other systems (with different csh versions), but csh version 20110502-2ub in 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS seems to not be able to resolve a proper argument count with $#a on line 49 in init_phonon_lapw. However, when it is changed to tcsh (version 6.18.01-2), it seems to work fine.

On 7/12/2016 3:49 AM, Murat Aycibin wrote:
Hi all users
I have question related iwtj Phonon 6.15 in wien2k. To calculated phonon properties of materials ı am using Phonon 6.15 sofware program and this program requested .hff file which is created by Wien2k or other program. after obtanin supercell (*.d45) file from phonon 6.15 we are using wien2k to obtain hff file. and first running init_phonon_lapw, it is asking rmt for eachatom if they are different from 2.0. and inserted all atom but again it is saying that did you enter 2.00 for atom when ı said no it is going same progress and end ı say yes ı did 2.0. Now How can ı change rmt for each atom or is there any example which ı can use to create .hff file for choosing example
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