Those messages should just be informational. As Prof. Marks pointed out, the settings in the parallel_options files might be different on each of your two HPC servers. I believe those messages are printed by the system when USE_REMOTE is set to 0 but are not printed when set 1. However, these settings are usually set in a particular way so that WIEN2k will run properly for each individual system. So you cannot just change the settings in parallal_options, unless the computer system supports those settings.

If both servers are giving basically the same calculation results, there should be no need for concern.

I would just leave those messages, because if you do encounter an error or warning, they might help indicate where the program stopped or ended.

The information at the following link is for bash, but I think at least some of it might also apply to csh:

If your intent on removing those messages, I think you just need to add an addition set of parenthesis on line 351 in lapw2para_lapw so that it looks like the following line (i.e., to put it in a sub-shell as described at the link above):

((cd $PWD;$t $exe ${def}_${loop}.def $loop;rm -f .lock_$lockfile[$p]) >>.time2_$loop &)

On 7/21/2016 10:20 AM, Laurence Marks wrote:
Those are various csh commands being echo'd to your job output. Without knowing for certain:

1) Check the debug in lapw1para and others, i.e.
set debug       = 0             # verbosity of debugging output
which may also be set in $WIENROOT/parallel_options. A "0" will reduce output. Maybe someone changed it.

2) Check the first line of lapw1para and similar. The default is "#!/bin/csh -f", maybe it got changed.

3) Check the defaults for csh/tcsh on the different systems. Maybe it is that.

4) Check what you have for "remote" in lapw1para and similar, also perhaps parallel_options. Maybe it echos commands.

On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 10:40 AM, Jing Qun < <>> wrote:


    These are neither ERROR messages nor WARNINGS.

    During the calculations, everything is OK.

    But these messages were not found during the calculation using
    other HPC server, I wonder if these messages are hidden ERROR or

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    rm -f .lock_$lockfile[$p] ) >> .time2_$loop LAPW2 END
    Question is, is there anything wrong? Are these parts of ERROR
    or at least WARNINGS, or are they just echoes, your job(s) telling
    what they are doing?

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    Am 21.07.2016 07:07, schrieb Jing Qun:
    > Dear all users,
    > When I submit a job, some messages like "
    > cd $PWD; $t $exe ${def}_${loop}.def $loop; rm -f
    .lock_$lockfile[$p] )
    >>> .time2_$loop
    >  LAPW2 END " will be obtained. Can anyone tell what's wrong with it?
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