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On 07/20/2016 12:52 PM, Ravi Kashikar wrote:
> forrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 32,
> file /home/cmtcl/WIEN2k_cal/NiO/NiO4/nio/nio.chk
> Image              PC                Routine            Line       
> Source            
> wplot              000000000042BD53  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
> wplot              00000000004599B6  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
> wplot              0000000000457573  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
> wplot              00000000004161BE  main2_                    189  main.F
> wplot              00000000004034BE  MAIN__                     61  wplot.f
> wplot              0000000000402FEE  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
>          00002B215C8F3F45  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
> wplot              0000000000402EE9  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
> 0.0u 0.0s 0:00.00 0.0% 0+0k 0+8io 0pf+0w

Something seems to be wrong with Wannier90's checkpoint file ‘case.chk’.
 It could also be an inconsistency between input files.  Try re-running
Wannier90; if the problem persists and you want to dig deeper, new
versions of Wannier90 come with a utility called ‘w90chk2chk.x’ which
you can use to convert the .chk to plain text.


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