Please do
cd $WIENROOT/SRC_mixer
mv RegFixed.F RegFixed.F_old

then cp the attached file to $WIENROOT/SRC_mixer/RegFixed.F and recompile.
Let me know if this solves the problem, it might. If it does not then I
will need to think more.

In addition, please find a sys_admin at your HFC and show them the contents
of the file W2kutils.c and W2kutils.h. These are in SRC_mixer as well as
SRC_lapw[0-2] and a few other places. For some reason the HPC system is not
accepting the arguments. Unfortunately the location of C includes can vary,
and it is hard to impossible to work this out from here. This is the reason
for all the lines in seq-err.txt. If you are fluent in C you can probably
work out what is appropriate for your HPC system.

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 1:43 PM, Paresh Chandra Rout <> wrote:

> Hello Sir,
> Here, I have attached the SRC_mixer.tgz files . Yes, the *seq-err.txt *
> is for the HPC. Also I typed ulimit on the terminal and it showed
> *unlimited.*
> Kind Regards,
> Paresh

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