It is not necessary to include -c since the x script detects
automatically if the calculation is complex.

On Monday 2016-11-07 17:28, Luis Ogando wrote:

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2016 17:28:50
From: Luis Ogando <>
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Subject: [Wien] run_lapw -hf (complex case)

Dear Wien2k community,

   On page 51 of the User Guide (Wien2k 14.2) one can read the following sequence of 
commands corresponding to " run_lapw -hf " for the
non-spin-polarized and real case:

 x lapw0 -grr (semilocal exchange)
 x lapw0 (semilocal exchange-correlation)
 x lapw1 (semilocal orbitals)
 x lapw2 (semilocal bands)
 mv case.vectorhf case.vectorhf_old
 x hf (hybrid orbitals)
 cp case.klist_fbz case.klist, cp case.kgen_fbz case.kgen
 x lapw2 -hf (hybrid electron density and bands)
 cp case.klist_ibz case.klist, cp case.kgen_ibz case.kgen
 x lcore
 x mixer

   I would like to know the correspondent sequence for the non-spin-polarized but 
complex case. It would be the same sequence but including " -c
" when appropriate ?
   Thank you,


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