I am quite disturbed by some aspects of this thread. Trying to adjust the
U, the C in mBJ or something else in order to get a better "fit" to the
band gap verges on misleading science. If you are using the band-gap as a
calibrant and then intend to look at some other property, e.g. charge
transfer or energies this is reasonable. Adjusting it to fit experiment and
then saying that DFT & experiment agree is not something I would allow any
of my students to do.

Some careful thinking is needed, and the same criteria used in experiments
should be used in DFT. It is valid to adjust a parameter "A" using some
dataset "B" (band-gap, heats of formation etc) in order to then fix "A" and
subsequently calculate some other property "C". If "B" and "C" overlap,
this is not valid and verges on misleading science.

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> I don't understand. In a previous email you mentioned an experimental
> gap of 0.1 eV, and now you want to approach 1 eV. So, what is the
> experimental value?
> FT
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> >To Prof Tran
> >Since the unmodified version of Beck-Johnson allows me to get 0.06 ev
> which corresponds to the value of C parameter equal to the unity (01). I
> think that to increase of
> >this value would improve the gap value to 1 ev.
> >
> >The question is: Which value for C parameter shall I use to get this gap
> value?
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