the easiest way is to use w2web

use your calculation without SO and then go to the point
initso_lapw in UTILS
and follow it step by step
it will determine the new symmetry for the spinpolarised case with SO (x 

Note that your final symmetry will depend on the direction of the quantisation 
that is given by the line
0.  0.  1.                 direction of magnetization (lattice vectors)
in case.inso created in the first step



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Betreff: [Wien] initso and symmetso (NO inversion symmetry)/ too high symmetry

Hello wienusers,

I wanted to do a scf calculation (WITH spin-orbit interaction) in a spin 
polarized system WITHOUT inversion symmetry (space group P213).
But I have a problem with the symmetry options:

According to the manual
<<Depending on the presence of inversion symmetry it will keep (inversion is 
present) or remove the B-type operations.>> (in the beginning of chapter 9)
there shouldn't be B-type operations, but in the *.ksym / *.klist /*struct_so 
file I have a too high symmetry and the B-type symmetry operations are still 

I also don't understand what is meant with this steatment:

<<If you don’t have inversion symmetry in the original structure, you must not 
“add inversion”in KGEN.>> (chapter 4.5.5)

How can I kill the B-type symmetry operations? Is it possible to do that via 
the w2web environment or do I have to edit some ksym or struct files manually?

Best regards
Arthur Niedermayr
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