Dear Dara Golda,

On 12/04/2016 12:29 PM, Dara Goldar wrote:
> I am trying to run wien2wannier on a spin-orbit GaAs - case, but
> experiencing problems when running *x wannier90 - so*.
> …

>>>> (x) w2waddsp: neither mmn nor amn files present -- nothing to do -> exit

> I have however confirmed that the files case.amnup and case.amndn etc
> are present in the folder. Furthermore, no files in the WANN-files
> contain any information on errors!

In Wien2k 14.2, the ‘w2waddsp’ section of x_lapw reads

case w2waddsp:
true >$def
if (! -s $file.amnup && ! -s $file.mmnup) then
  error "w2waddsp: neither mmn nor amn files present -- nothing to do"

I later changed ‘! -s $file’ to ‘! ( -e $file.amnup && ! -z $file.amnup
)’ because older csh versions do not have the ‘-s’ test.  (Maybe it is a
‘tcsh’ vs. ‘csh’ issue.)

Does your csh support ‘-s’ (you can test that interactively)?  What does
‘csh --version’ say?


Elias Assmann

Wien2Wannier: maximally localized Wannier functions
              from linearized augmented plane waves


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