There are two other programms to mention
Kalvados comes free and handles a lot of file formats including Wien2k, it is 
able to remove or check the symmetry and to create supercells
Crystalmaker comes for little money and also knows Wien2k


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There is makestruct (refer to section "5.1.2 Create the master input file 
case.struct (makestruct lapw)" in the WIEN2k 14.2 usersguide [ ]) and 
structeditor (refer to section "9.26 structeditor" in the usersguide).

There are probably many cif programs out there.  For example, Bilbao 
Crystallographic Server has STRCONVERT [ ].  You could likely create a cif 
file with such a program, then use cif2struct (refer to section "9.18 
cif2struct" in the usersguide).

On 12/6/2016 6:27 PM, delamora wrote:
Dear WIEN2k community,
I have the atomic positions of the atoms in a large cell, how can I make the 
struct file, is there a program other than "Struct Gen"


      Pablo de la Mora

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