Be very careful with this article.  The method it presents purports to
give a correct set of DFT results - both total energy and band gap -
 with a prescription for constructing a finite-sized basis set. The
explicit contradiction with the concept of the complete basis set limit
should be cause for skepticism at the least.
  peace, Sam

On 12/08/2016 08:11 AM, Osama Yassin wrote:
Dear Colleague

I came across the article: *Understanding density functional theory (DFT) and completing it in practice.

**It may be of interest for develpers and users of DFT.*

The article is open for free.

Best wishes

*_Osama _*
*Prof Dr Osama Ali Yassin *****
*/Professor of Solid State Physics and former ICTP regular associate/*
*/Department of Physics, Faculty of Science/*
*Taibah University, A-Madinah Al-Munawarh, Saudi Arabia*

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