inversion is NOT present >   input files forlapw1c/2c prepared, no inversion 
present   (14:36:47)   next is kgen forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during 
read, unit 20, file 
 Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source     
        kgen               00000000004895AE  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              0000000000488046  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              00000000004634C2  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              0000000000451B0C  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              000000000045102C  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              000000000041DB30  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              0000000000402DCA  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              000000000040276C  Unknown               Unknown         00002B41B76E6B05  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknownkgen              0000000000402669  Unknown               Unknown  
Unknown n stop error n cp: cannot stat ‘KZnSb-Wurtz-GGA.clmsum’: No such file 
or directorynew_super.clmsum not present, no extrapolation in this 
cyclestarting parallel dstart at Fri Dec 9 14:36:47 EET 2016-------- .machine0 
: processorsrunning dstart in single modeERROR IN STRUCT FILE READ**  dstart 
crashed!cat: No match.0.020u 0.012s 0:00.07 42.8%            0+0k0+56io 
0pf+0werror: command   /home/nadin/Wien14/dstartpara-c dstart.def   failedno 
KZnSb-Wurtz-GGA.clmsum(_old) file found, which is necessary forlapw0 ! >   stop 
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