Dear Prof. Peter Blaha,Thank you for your reply and the valuable comment. I 
intend to use the Berry phase approach for a polar metal. But unfortunately, if 
the bands cross the Fermi level, the current Berry phase approach fails. Thus, 
If I can separate the bands into non-crossing (or better to say non-tuching 
bands) and crossing bands, then I try to overcome the problem. In this case, I 
can find the Berry phase for the non-crossing bands by the current approach as 
implemented in the WIEN2k code. For the bands that cross the Fermi surface I 
would use another strategy like something that is described in the following 
paper:, I am not sure whether 
separating the bands are physically correct or not, since I am changing the 
band structure by hand which may be not permitted.Regards,Shahrebano Rahimi.
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