From your questions, it sounds like you are just getting started. So it will likely be better for you to only install one version of WIEN2k on your computer.

I think even Linux/WIEN2k guru avoid having multiple WIEN2k versions on a computer. That is because you have to be careful not to mix incompatible files between the different WIEN2k versions [1] and you have to frequently edit and keep track of WIENROOT in .bashrc or use full paths and keep track of the ones being used for each program. I have seen a more elegant way of doing that on some clusters with module [2], but that is most likely something usually setup by an Information Technology (IT) professional.

In one aspect, WIEN2k 11 was better than WIEN2k 12, because 12 had a serious bug were the fftpack was broken [3]. However, WIEN2k 11 contained some other significant bugs (like the blocksize bug [4]) that were fixed in WIEN2k 12. The bugs of those versions have been fixed and further improvements have been made as shown on the WIEN2k updates webpage [5], so it is very beneficial to install and use the latest WIEN2k version (currently, 16.1 [6]). Maintaining the old versions yourself can be problematic as I mentioned before [7].

[3] [4]
[6] [7]

On 1/8/2017 7:19 AM, Sahra Sahraii wrote:
Dear Wien2k users
I have alraedy installed the wien2k 11 on my computer, As I want to have two versions of wien2k together I am trying to install wien2k12 too.
I have installed wien12 but I can't do any calculation with it.

I don't know what is the problem?
Could you please help me to solve my problem?
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