The main script x_lapw has a flag " -eece " and the script x lapw1 doesn't

I don't know what's the difference between them

x_lapw is a C shell (csh) [1] script.

Refer to what is given under section "5.1.1 Main execution script (x _lapw)" on page 60 in the WIEN2k 16.1 usersguide:

-eece -> for hybrid-functionals (lapw0,lapw2,mixer,orb,sumpara)

The x is a symbolic link to the x_lapw script.

The PROGRAMNAME and [flags] are arguments [2] that are passed to the x_lapw script. Thus, lapw1 is the PROGRAMNAME in the terminal command "x lapw1".

As the usage description shows, when [flags] is set to -eece, such that:


PROGRAMNAME should be replaced by only lapw0, lapw2, mixer, orb, or sumpara.

Though, I haven't figured out yet why -eece is needed for orb. The "x -h orb" gives:

x orb [ -up/-dn/-ud -eece]

The dayfile for an eece calculation in an old post [ ] has

(x) orb -up -p

when I had some expectation from the x_lapw usage description to see something like:

(x) orb -up -p -eece

Though, in the 7.3 ORB section of the WIEN2k 16.1 usersguide on page 118, it does NOT have the -eece:

x orb [ -up/-dn/-ud ]

So I would use "x orb -eece" to be safe, but I suspect that the -eece flag might not be needed with orb.

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