As mentioned at

Maybe this happens when VBM, CBM, and Efermi are the same, and Egap is 0.

In your case.outputtrans, are the values like that under the "OUTPUT from BANDANA" section?

If so, I think it was mentioned at

that increasing lpfac in case.intrans or fixing a problem with the[up/dn] input may have resolved this.

A common problem with occurs if a file from the WIEN2k scf calculation is not used:

From a code perspective, it looks like this error may be coming from lines in boltztrap-1.2.5\src\fermiintegrals.F90:

      if (iiter > 999 .or. abs(sumelec-sumelec_target) > 1.d-12) then
write (*,*) 'Error - Fermi level was not found for doping ', idoping, ' at temperature ', temp
      end if

So it looks like the number of iterations (iiter) became too large (i.e., greater than 999) during the search for the Efermi or it looks like the absolute value of the difference between the sumelec and sumelec_target was greater than zero (where the 1.d-12 is used as a tolerance to represent zero as floating-point arithmetic is inherently inexact such that floating point numbers might not always compare properly for exact equality [ , , ]).

On 7/30/2017 11:11 AM, chin Sabsu wrote:
Dear Users,
After successful attempt of electronic, optical and magnetic properties, I tried to run Boltztrap calculation. In an alloyed compound with different doping level concentrations, I encountered below error.

"Error - Fermi level was not found for doping"

Please suggest me:
What does it mean and how to overcome this situation.

Thanks in advance and help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you
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