The message is a little confusing but I guess you may be referring to the input parameter on 5th line of case.inop Indeed, there is no Im eps_xx, for example. You calculate Re eps_xx first and get the imaginary part later (after running joint and kram).


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On Thu, 17 Aug 2017, SEMEH NOUI wrote:

Hello sir
First thanks for your help with my questions.
Monsieus I worked on the Co2MnSi compound (Heusler Holloy) when I made the
optical properties for wien 2K 2013 and 2014 (software does not separate me
in the real or imaginary part of the dielectric function (the spin up and
Spin dn).It gives me a single epsilon,I did not  .understand why please I
want to explain the steps to find where is the problem
I will wait for your reply

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