Dear Developers
Due to a network problem I lost connection with our computer system and after 
it got fixed I had a problem of connecting with WIEN2k interface. Somehow they 
fixed that problem too.But now, when I try to load my sessions from w2web,I do 
not see any of my recent sessions in the "stored session" list. Unfortunately I 
didnot keep any record on the session names given. 
My question is;If I create a new session and use the previous folders to 
continue the case, would it give me errors? I mean, for example, If I do DOS 
calculation on a old folder with new session name, does it matter?
I know we can properly change session name or the directory through w2web. But 
since this is different, I am doubtful. 

Is there a file/ place where I can see the session names?
Thank you in advance.
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