Perhaps lapw5 can help. As is explained in the first paragraph of Sec. 8.13 of 
the usersguide, by editing lapw5.def you can plot the potential instead of the 
density. And therefore also a potential difference. There is a file for the 
total potential (case.vtotal). There is probably not such a thing as 
case.vcore. But that seems the only missing ingredient.


Van: Wien [] Namens Laurence Marks
Verzonden: woensdag 6 september 2017 5:41
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Onderwerp: [Wien] 1-D potential plots.

A useful diagram with pseudopotential codes is the plane average (e.g. x,y) of 
the potential. Any suggestions about how to do the equivalent in Wien2k, e.g. 
plot/calculate V_tot-V_core (without writing code, which is not hard, but...)?
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