Dear Xavier
  Thank you v. much For your quick answer  I know now my mistake 
unfortunately for some unknown reason I am able to send messages but not 
getting any 

I received your  file and comment from the    site hope this will end soon !!!
That is  why I am not able to communicate with the respectable users   
I really have more questions but I have to wait till I receive messages from 
the site
Thanks again

Your cif file contains 3 settings explaining why cif2struct cannot work.Here is 
the first setting of the cif file.



    On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 1:27 PM, Sherif Yehia <> 

 Dear  Users 

 The attached  .cif file  data have been compiled from 

the crystallographic data sheet for 
"HoCo3 Crystal Structure" taken from SpringerMaterials (sm_isp_sd_0452309).
When I try to use cif2struct   I get the following error 

Cell dimension(s) missing! F F F
Can I get some advice  to get  case.struct

Thank you

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