Thought of using "structeditor" (got to know from wien2k manual), terminal returns "command not found".

In the terminal, do you see something like this:

username@computername:~/wiendata/TiC$ structeditor
structeditor: command not found

To use structeditor, see section "9.28.1 Execution' on page 213 of the WIEN2k usersguide [ ] and do similarly something like:

username@computername:~/wiendata/TiC$ octave
GNU Octave, version 3.8.1
octave:1> s=loadstruct("TiC.struct");
octave:2> showstruct(s);

What is the significance of input for "optional shift of all atoms by same amount" during supercell formation. What will happen if it is kept 0 (Zero).

Shifts typically seem to be kept at 0, such that the atomic positions are not moved by the value(s) entered.  It can be helpful in removing the "STOP: YOU MUST MOVE THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIT CELL" error:

I also request you to share some articles (or their hyperlinks)  on importance of lattice type (P, F, B) for supercell.

The slide 5 in PB-getting_started3.pdf at the "Forces, structure optimization, supercells, surfaces, phonons" link might help, which is on the webpage:

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