In WIEN2k 17.1, is tol=1.e-3 in SRC_symmetso/symmetso.f on line 110 okay or does the same change need to be made too?  Thanks in advance.

On 5/15/2018 11:43 AM, Peter Blaha wrote:
Of course the error occurs always, also when running   x symmetry.
In init_lapw in batch mode, the error is catched automatically and init stops, while in the step-by-step initialization you are supposed to examine case.outputs by yourself and find the problem on your own.

Just check the case.outputs file.

The problem is that this site has "almost"  C3v symmetry and not only C3i. The mirror planes and C2 operations are only slightly invalid and the test in symmetry was not accurate enough.

Edit symmetry.f in SRC_symmetry and search for "tol".

Change the value of tol from 1.d-3 to 1.d-4:

      tol=1.e-3    -->    tol=1.e-4

and recompile.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

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