dear wien2k users 
i tryed to do onsit exact exchan i get this error 

uplapw1_error 282uplapwdm_error 240

INILPW -cant open unit 18INILPW     filename : case.vspupINILPW      status : 
old      form: formated
lapw1   -   INILPW aborded unsuccessfully

how can i get solution of this problem ???

    Le dimanche 24 novembre 2019 à 01:24:53 UTC+1, Gavin Abo 
<> a écrit :  
To cite that, they should follow the style guide for the journal they are 
submitting to.
Take the "Computer Physics Communications" journal for example, you should be 
able to go to
Then, on the webpage there should be a "References" link you can click on that 
describes how the author should handle reference citations.
Another example is for IEEE journals, there should be an IEEE Reference Guide 
pdf of version 11.12.2018 that you can download from the website at:
The section "P. Websites" should describe how to site a website (or url [ ]).
If you want to cite using a possibly more professional url (or doi [ ]), then I would 
suggest that you look into using a data repository like IEEE DataPort and 
Zenodo mentioned on the two websites:
  On 11/23/2019 12:20 PM, Abderrahmane Reggad wrote:
 Hello wien2k users 
  I and my colleague Dr Benabdellah have created a new package for making 
convergence tests automatic with the wien2k code. Many researchers use our 
package and ask to reference our package in their articles. 
  To check our package click on the following link on my blog:
  Best regards
        Dr. Abderrahmane Reggad
 Engineering Physics Laboratory Faculty of Material Sciences, Ibn Khaldoun 
University, Tiaret, 14000, Algeria Tel: +213(0)561861963 - Algeria

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