Dear Sir,
I am using Wien2k version 19.1 on a thinkstation with i7 processor, having 
ubuntu installed in it. I have just installed Wien2k in the machine. The 
gfortran compiler and gcc are used.
After the installation, I have made a structure using makestruct command and 
initialization was done using init_lapw command.
While running the scf calculations, with run_lapw command, I am facing an 
error. I tried looking up in the mailing list to solve the issue, but haven't 
found the solution. I am facing the following error.
hup: Command not found.

no Fe.clmsum(_old) file found, which is necessary for lapw0
!grep: *scf1*: No such file or directory
grep: lapw2*.error:
No such file or directory

stop error

Please guide me to solve this query.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Vidit Zala
Gujarat University
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