You need to understand more about Wien2k before you try something as
ambituous as this. Some comments:

a) You need to compile and check mpi version of Wien2k first. You are
currently not using it.
b) You have 4x4x5 k-points, which is way too many. The default (23.2) uses
2x2x2 and I would suggest just using 1 without shift at first. This will be
40 times faster.
c) Your calculation appears to have TsO2 in between an OH terminated
silicate on one side, and a (strange) Si terminated silicate on the other.
I suggest a far smaller cell using IO2 (similar, probably, to Ts) as a
sanity test first. I think your Si termination is probably wrong, and I
doubt that TsO2 is even remotely valid.
d) You appear from the dayfile and job output log to be running 32 k-point
parallel jobs, each with 4 OMP. I assume that you allocated 128 cores for
this, although your script appears to show #SBATCH=1 which is one node.
e) Assuming that you have allocated 128 cores, your machines file should

332 atoms is not that large, although I think it will take forever to reach
anything reasonable as I don't think that your structure is realistic. For
context, I am currently running a 1212 atom calculation using 3 kpts on a
cluster using 224 Gold 6130 cores, with one iteration taking 90 minutes.

I suggest that you start with just calculating a surface slab of your
silicate to get that right and learn, before trying something this

On Sun, Jun 25, 2023 at 11:57 AM Ilias Miroslav, doc. RNDr., PhD. <> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I was trying to kick on at least 1 SCF iteration within  the limit of 8
> hours, but now way. The system of 323 atoms was precisely prepared using
> w2web, I set up 32 threads with omp_global=4, but no way.
> Calculation remains in parallel lapw1, than got killed.
> I guess WIen2k can not do anything with such big systems on a good cluster
> like  ?
> All files are here:
> Best,
> Miro
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