Dear Professor Blaha,

I tried to run calculations for hybrid functionality from libxc, but I get
a GHOST BANDS error. The case.scf2 file states that for atom 1 with l=1,
the energy parameters need to be changed.

:WARN : QTL-B value eq. 32.08 in Band of energy 1.68736 ATOM= 1 L= 1
:WARN : You should change the E-parameter for this atom and L-value in
case.in1 (or try the -in1new switch)
The Fermi level in scf2 is
:FER : F E R M I - ENERGY(TETRAH.M.)= 1.8321578843
I tried setting it to 1.632 instead of the default 0.3 in case.in1, but
that didn't fix it.
Then I tried to remove the values that have similar energy values in
case.scf1 from the case.in1 file (reducing the number of n choices), but
this did not lead to a positive result.
:E1_0001: E( 1)= 0.7000
:E1_0001: E( 1)= 0.4094 E(BOTTOM)= 0.409 E(TOP)= -200.000 3 -1 222
              LOCAL ORBITAL
When trying to change the energy parameters and set the in1new flag, an
nband error appeared.

Thank you in advance,
Best Regards,
Natalia Andreeva.
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