I get no error
I just calculated the band structure of Fe bcc using the non-collinear 
WIEN2kNCM code without any problems !

copy or make a case.klist_band file
run lapw1 -band                                        (note: ncm has only 
make a case.insp input file
run spaghetti

Note1: It is xncm and NOT x from the regular Wien2k version to run the programs 
If the energy files do not have a different format, then it might be possible 
to run spaghetti of the regular version. I did not check that

Note2: the magnetic space group may differ from the nonmagnetic one, take care 
about the correct klist_band

Note3: spin up/down may not make sense due to site dependent directions of the 
magnetic moments, in general the spin polarisation is a vector and has not only 
a z-component.


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It does not help when you let us know that you get an error .....

Am 15.12.2023 um 17:40 schrieb Safikul Islam:
Dear Sir,

            I am getting errors while executing "x tetra" for dos and "x 
spaghetti" for band structure calculations with WIENNCM. Perhaps the executing 
commands for WIENNCM are different from WIEN2k commands to calculate band and 
dos. Eagerly waiting for your suggestions for sorting out this problem.

Kind Regards,
Safikul Islam


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